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List of major cities
in Missouri:

Kansas City
St. Louis
Lee's Summit
St. Joseph
St. Charles
St. Peters
Blue Springs

Toll-Free Recovery Hotline @ 1-800-315-2056

Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri

There are a number of factors to acknowledge when choosing which type of drug and alcohol addiction treatment model will work for your loved one. Consider the extent and duration of the person's substance addiction and the possible behaviors involved with them. If the individual isn't ready or willing to accept that they have a problem and need assistance, then an intervention can be arranged by their family with the help of an intervention professional.

Below you can find a directory of non-profit, public, private, and/or Christian chemical addiction treatment clinics in Missouri that are willing to provide help for you or your loved ones.

Missouri Drug Rehab Centers

Belmont Detox & Outpatient Rehab - (573) 303-5857
Copeland Addiction Intervention Consultants - (636) 238-3072
Edgerton Heroin Dependence Center - (816) 396-0256
Fairdale Therapy and Addiction Facility - (314) 714-6374
Frost Intensive Addiction Therapy - (816) 396-8714
Hutchinson Opiate Rehab Center - (816) 396-8733
Lynn Haven Gambling Help Center - (573) 303-5876
Pinecrest Meth AfterCare Counseling - (636) 486-0854
Pineville Recovery for Addiction - (417) 429-4943
Richmond Alcohol & Gambling Center - (573) 303-5851
Whitley Center for Teen Counseling - (636) 238-3492
Woodbury Codependent Therapy - (314) 549-5171

 Footprints "Alcoholics Victorious" - Recovery program sponsored by local churches. Kansas City

 Freeman Ozark Center - Psychiatric treatment center. Joplin

 Research Psychiatric Center - Drug and alcohol rehab center. Kansas City

 Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute - Psychological and medical treatment center. Saint Louis

 Southeast Missouri Community Treatment Center - Community drug and alcohol abuse programs. Farmington

 Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital - Inpatient and residential behavioral healthcare treatment center. Kansas City

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